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Confidential company data can be stored in many different forms and places. There are digital files stored on your computer and even your copier. Most peopleData destruction will help you avoid large fines forget about their copier. When they go to get rid of it, they're actually allowing access to all of their confidential company information they've ever scanned or printed. Then, there's paper documents that are in your filing cabinets. 

When it comes time to destroy the information you no longer need, make sure you've covered all your bases like your computer, copier and filing cabinets. BIS Office Systems has partnered up with Gilmore Services to provide a new document solution called data destruction to securely eliminate all of your data you no longer need.

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With data destruction services, you'll avoid penalties

Avoid Large Fines & Penalties

Free Up Office Space

Secure your data with data destruction

Secure Confidential Data



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Gilmore Services    Gilmore Services is a data destruction company

Data destruction - Biloxi, MS

Gilmore Services is the largest locally owned records and information management company in Northwest Florida and Southern Alabama headquartered in Pensacola, Florida. To learn more, go to







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