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How to be efficient in the workplace with your copier and printer
How to be efficient in the workplace with your copier and printer

In today’s business world, printing and copying documents for meetings, presentations, filing and general office use is ingrained in the everyday workflow of an office. what would you do without an office printer and copier? that’s tough to imagine.

That’s why office equipment companies, such as Kyocera, have built their business around making your business more efficient and productive. With the latest technologies, your office printer and copiers can make print-related tasks simpler and easier for all employees. Just recently, Kyocera launched copier and printer apps that let users easily scan and print documents straight from their mobile devices to their office printer.


Mobile print is the newest technology that gives you a number of functions to help you print and copy wirelessly on any mobile device. You can also scan documents and upload them straight to your mobile device as well. If you don’t have Mobile Print installed on your copier and phone, you’re making your work life harder than it needs to be.


But Mobile Print isn’t the only way you can be efficient at work with your copier and printer. As a Total Document Solutions Provider, BIS Office Systems helps businesses lower costs with their office equipment, maximizes printer and copying tasks by providing quality and efficient equipment, makes sure your office equipment is secure and safe so outside hackers cannot access private files, and much more.



BIS Office Systems provides document and printer management solutions, so you can get power over the document flow process in your office rather than let it overpower you. As a Print Management Solution provider, we also give your business customer tailored printer services that best fit your company’s need. This means less expense and more time being productive.


Many businesses overprint and spend way too much money on printing in general. Did you know that 90% of business currently don’t track what they are spending on printing? And the average office spends 1 – 3% of total revenue just on printing per year.* Many times, print jobs are unnecessary or too much paper has been used. That’s why having a Managed Print Service is important to your business. 


We assess your current printing usage and create a plan of attack to eliminate unneeded printing and copying. We also make it easy to refill your toners by shipping new toner cartridges automatically to your office when your printers show 15 – 20% of toner is left. Thus, this helps eliminate trips to the store and sudden printer outages when you were not expecting the toner to run out.


It’s the little things many businesses don’t think about that put stress and time restraints on office productivity. That’s why BIS Office Systems make it our business to help identify and eliminate those issues to help your business work seamlessly and efficiently. Our experts are trained specifically in office systems management to help advise your business in the best solutions.


We encourage you to give us a call to set up a free PrintSmart Evaluation on your office printers and copiers. Our experts can then determine the best option for your business and create a personalized plan of action concerning your copier, printers. We also offer IT support to keep your documents and business information secure online. Call us today! 251.476.3113




*Statistics provided by The Gartner Group

Print from your phone with Kyocera apps
Print from your phone with Kyocera apps

How nice would it be to find a webpage or a file on your print, hit a “print” button and then that document gets printed from a connected copier or printer? Life would be so easy!

Well, fortunately for you, that is actually possible. Kyocera, a Total Documents Provider for offices, has recently introduced a cloud-printing service that lets users print files, images, web pages and more straight from their mobile device to the printer.


In today’s business world, the need for business services to reflect the “on the go” attitude many industries and employees encompass is crucial. With more employees working from home, traveling and in different locations, printing from mobile devices is practically required in today’s workplace. Being tied down by a print server can hinder work productivity and efficiency, that’s why Kyocera has developed an app specifically to print from your cell phone, tablet or laptop.


The app works for both iOS and Android devices, and it very simple to set up. You just need to be connected wirelessly to your Kyocera copier or printer that has app technology installed. The best part is the app is free!


Not only can you print photos and documents from your mobile device, but you can also scan documents on your copier and effortlessly save them to your mobile device. The options are almost endless. The Mobile Print app isn't the only app Kyocera offers either. Kyocera has you covered with its Cloud Connect, Google Connector, AirPrint, Cortado, Mobile Print for Students, and EFI Print Me applications. View all of these Kyocera apps here.  


 And as of late 2015, Kyocera has added Google Cloud Print services that will make it even easier to print on the go and support your office’s printing needs. This enables you to print documents from remote locations and have total access to files and documents wherever you are.


Whether you are transferring a file from your phone to computer to the app, printing an email attachment, browsing the internet on the copier’s touch-screen interface, importing files, or adding bookmarks and favorites to print later, mobile printing is an important tool to help your retrieve important documents and files wirelessly.


Don’t be tied down by your desktop computer, invest in the technology that will give your team tools for success—no matter where they are.


For more information and FAQ’s on Kyocera Mobile Print, we recommend visiting their FAQ page.


At BIS |Office Systems, we carry the top technology and office brands to keep your business running efficiently and saving time and costs. We are an authorized dealer of Kyocera and Copystar, so we can order and install your Mobile Print-compatible copier at your business location. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer services, and we know you will be satisfied from beginning to end.


We know it’s tough to decide what to purchase and what to invest in for your business. That’s why our specialists are here to listen and consult with you to find your perfect solution. Get your FREE PrintSmart evaluation today and call us if you want to improve your business’ workflow!  

Copiers and Security Issues


Did you know that your copiers might put you, your employees and the company at risk? Copiers hang onto sensitive data that is scanned, copied, printed, faxed and emailed by employees. That data is usually stored within the copier’s hard disk drive. If your employees are scanning or printing information that is sensitive in nature, you need to implement a copier policy to keep your data secure.

But how does a copier take that information?

Most work copiers have a hard disk drive which is necessary to manage and control tasks and jobs sent to the copier. These types of copiers, referred to as “digital copiers” are more productive and high-tech than the average at-home copier, which usually does not contain a hard drive. The hard drive in work copiers stores images of every document, whether you are scanning, faxing, copying or emailing a document.


How can someone steal that stored data?

As the digital age progresses, so does the intelligence of hackers. These hackers have discovered a way to extract this sensitive data either remotely or after the hard drive had been removed and replaced. This extraction software is available online, for free. Many times, work copiers are leased, used and then returned for a new copier through a third-party office systems company, such as BIS Office Systems. When a copier is returned to the leasing company, those hard drives get replaced and or stay on the old copier, meaning anyone could buy a copier containing birth certificates, social security numbers, bank records, income statements and much more from a past company. Copiers can also get leased by one company, returned then sold to another copier. So knowing how to extra your company’s data and protect it is extremely important to protecting your business.

So what can I do?

Create a data security plan for when you are leasing, buying and returning your copiers. This plan should be understood by all employees and added to your company’s security policy program. Make sure every employees understand how document data is stored and how the company will protect that data from hackers. If your business uses an IT company or your business has its own IT staff, these security experts should be the ones in charge of your copier data. They will have the knowledge and expertise to keep your company data safe and secure.


If you do not employ and IT staff or third-party IT Company, we highly recommend you do so. But if you want to try to protect your business data yourself here is what you need to know:

  1. When you buy or lease a copier, make sure to ask the manufacturer or office systems company what data security features are available. Sometimes these security features are standard or optional. Usually one of two types of data security protections are put in place:

1.       Encryption: You have most likely heard of this word before. It describes the method of scrambling data using a code so that data can never be extracted remotely or straight from the hard drive.

2.       Overwriting: This method wipes files by overwriting existing data with random characters. This makes is very difficult for the old files to be translated.


 If the copier does not come with data security, make a plan for how to dispose of data and that everyone in the company understands that copiers cannot be returned until the data is wiped.


Make sure you ask the manufacturer which security features comes with your copier and if it will be an add-on you need to purchase. Additionally, talk to the copier leasing company to see how they dispose of old hard drives or if you can keep the hard drive once the copier is returned. Make sure that is an agreement in writing before you lease a copier.


Your IT staff should handle all data security issues, and if you do not have IT support, you should make a copier policy and plan to remove all existing data before the copier is returned, or even to clear data after every use. Security education is one of the most important aspects to running a company. It is your responsibility to keep company data safe and away from hackers with malicious intentions.


At BIS Office Systems, we can assist you in creating a copier and printer policy and make sure your data is safely removed and destroyed after your leasing agreement is up. We understand the need for security and it is our goal to give companies productive, efficient and safe office equipment. Call us today to have a free consultation about leasing or buying our copiers and printers and we can help you move your business forward.


Call: 251- 476-3113 or visit our website to learn more.